Gender, age, nationality it doesn’t matter if you have a dream to chase”

It's All About My Passion

I like the sentence “tickled my heart!”.  We can call it “passion”. Each time I fell that I want more and more in my journey, it encouraged me to jump into the next step. I believed in my self, I started in developing my skills and learning from my mistakes as well, asking for feedbacks allowed me to focus on my strengths, and The most important thing was accepting random roles for different opportunities. I never thought I was capable of being a person who can stand in front of large number of people, seeing the audience and noticing that doing all of that such as spreading positivity among them gave me the feeling that this is what exactly I want to do in the coming years.

Today I am 26 years old, however people will not be believe it which I don’t know why, but I always say “ Gender , age , nationality it doesn’t matter if you have a dream to chase” , it was a tough for me to manage all of these together as motivational speaker, youth leader, moderator, scrum master at ENBD and supporting other platforms, but I always telling myself that life is a space of opportunities that we need to catch,

so I never give people my back even if I had a tough day, remember one thing world is so small if you support people definitely the will support you back. 

Also, it’s takes courage to express yourself in front of people, but the question is why we need this courage? We don’t need to do this, the only thing that we need to focus on is how daily you show to people or to yourself your uniqueness, it can be a simple action you will show to the community makes you who you are rather than exaggeration. Always remind yourself how important you are, post a sign reminding you of the value of being authentically you, if you feel like your genuine self is lost behind the clutter of fitting in, take heart, you are closer than you think. As human being and mature people we have a kid soul inside us, what stop us from take it out sometime? Is that we feel embarrassed about it? Or we feel that no one will accept it? Believe me sometime this kid soul in needed to surround yourself with joy and happiness, and for sure if you like who you are, everyone will like the way you are, so be you.